Windermere Red Deer

Contact: John and Paula Kempthorne
Address: Windermere Deer Ltd 341 Koromatua Road R.D. 10. HAMILTON
Phone: 07 847 4809


Windermere Red Deer Stud is situated just south-west of Hamilton in the central North Island of New Zealand. The stud farms approximately 450 deer specialising in the highest quality Warnham Park and Woburn Abbey genetics. Thirty four stud auctions have been held at the onsite Sales Complex since 1990. Female sales are held in July selling in-fawn hinds and weaner hinds, and Sire stag sales are held in early January each year. Windermere Stud is leading the NZ Deer Industry with outstanding velvet weights and the breeding of record trophy stags.


Deer Farming since 1980 T.B. Accredited Free Farm since inception, with a zero history of bovine reactions Stud Auctions on-site since 1990 Animal Embryo Transfer and Artificial Insemination programs since 1990, with a previous history of export to Canada, U.S.A. and Australia. Warnham Park bloodlines since 1998, with sole specialisation in Warnham Park and Woburn deer since 1995. Windermere stags have won the National Velvet Competition supreme award three times and have come second in the Hard Antler section twice. Windermere Stud has a breeding policy of intense specialisation for the highest quality velvet genetics, and also in highly multipointed and high scoring Woburn genetics. Sires purchased from Windermere have been winners or well placed in a large number of National and Branch velvet competitions. There have also been many years when Windermere females have commanded the highest prices at auction nationally. Windermere Stud holds the record for the youngest head (4 years) to win the Natioal Velvet Competion, and also the heaviest head to win that competion also.

Sire Stags