Prince Philip





We are very excited about Prince Philip's progress to date. His breeding is impeccable - a Mountbatten/Lewis combination that produced our 30 point spiker and also Lot 51 at our 2007 stag sale sold to Alan Stewart for $35,000 with 9.75 HH as cut after the sale.

Prince Philip broke his jaw as a 2 year old and we would like to acknowledge Noel Beatson for his part in his speedy recovery. Aat 625 IOA at just 6 years, this is an impressive sire. His young stag progeny have consistently shown great spikes and antler.
Age 2: Live weight 175 kg, HA 25 pts
Age 3: Live weight na, SCI 452
Age 4: HA 12.25 kg, SCI 497
Age 5: Live weight 242 kg, HA 12.67 kg, SCI 544 2/8
Age 6: Live weight 243 kg, HA 16.4 kg Strip, SCI 625 5/8