Private Treaty Semen


SOHO/EDDIE. Aged nine years,
Weaning weight—48kg.
Yearling weight----95kg.
Two year weight----132kg
Two year velvet-----4.2kg A2S.
Eight year velvet----14.18kgSA2. [see photo and pedigree]
See attached photo of Eddie/Soho’s two year old son who cut 6.87kg velvet,
Many of his two year old sons are cutting between 4.5kg and 7.3kg, he is a very
Heritable Sire.

Price on Semen.
Twenty straws plus--$320.00 per straw.
One to nineteen straws--$370.00 per straw.

For Further Enquiries please contact:
Murray Coutts
PGG Wrightson Deer Specialist.
027 403 9377 ah 03 614 9377.

Eddie's 2 year old son