New Zealand Deer Studs

Altrive Red Deer

Here at Altrive Red Deer we strive to breed bigger and better heads and have purchased the best stags we could find such as Everest and Zama (in partnership with Brock Deer). We use these along with our top home-bred velvet stag sires. As our top pedigrees have 4 generations of hinds breeding 2 year old stags cutting 4kg plus of velvet, you can s... (full profile text inside)


Arawata Deer Farm is Owned by John & Mel Somerville, who farm at Pine Bush , Southland. ,

Black Forest Park

Established 1980 Selecting the finest Red Deer Genetics & evaluating their performance, using all latest technologies. To enhance those genetics in the traits of – Trophy, Velvet & fast growth for the benefit of our Industry.

Crowley Deer

Our focus is on producing phenomenal trophy animals. Nixon - currently Brusniks highest scoring 3yr son at 515 IOA and Caviar - 418 IOA at 2yrs, an extraordinary Coco son from an unparalleled high scoring, sire producing dam line.

Deer Genetics NZ

We are the Worlds leading breeder & supplier of Red Deer Safari Genetics.

Kelly Oaks Deer Park

Breeders of Distinction

Netherdale Red Deer

Over the years Netherdale has featured consistently in the NZ National Velvet & Trophy Antler Awards winning the 3 year old class many times with quality, stylish velvet. Our 3yr old stags are now producing up to 9kg+ of velvet, with Lot 1 in the 2014 Sire Stag sale winning the 3 year old section at the National Velvet Competition. Netherdale will continue to offer New Zealand the finest in velvet genetics for many years to come.

Peel Forest Estate

Peel Forest Estate is an internationally acclaimed Red Deer Stud producing world-class Red Deer Genetics for trophy, velvet, and venison. Peel Forest Estate is the home of the Furzeland herd... the world's leading trophy genetics

Rothesay Deer

Rothesay Deer is one of New Zealand’s Leading Trophy, Velvet and Venison breeders.



Tikana Wapiti Stud

Tikana is a leading, multi award-winning New Zealand Wapiti Stud. Our aim is to produce Wapiti Sire Bulls for New Zealand breeders and Wapiti terminal sires for commercial deer farmers.
All Tikana deer have been fully recorded on DEERSelect since 2005, which means all our deer are objectively selected to provide assessment of their genetic merit for growth, meat and velvet. This provides farmers with confidence in Tikana stock.

Wilkins Farming

Breeding for the Future.

Our aim is to produce high growth rate progeny from an efficient maternal weight hind through the use of the latest technology and best genetics available at the time.