Peel Forest Estate

Contact: Graham Carr
Address: RD 22, Geraldine New Zealand
Phone: 03 696 3859


Peel Forest Estate is an internationally acclaimed Red Deer Stud producing world-class Red Deer Genetics for trophy, velvet, and venison. Peel Forest Estate is the home of the Furzeland herd... the world's leading trophy genetics


Peel Forest Estate is one of the oldest South Canterbury farming properties located in the South Island of New Zealand and is the premier red deer stud and marketing arm of the Graham Carr International Deer Group ˆ a group that farms more than 12,000 deer in New Zealand, the UK and North America. Peel Forest Estate Stud is home of the exclusive Furzeland herd which was purchased by the Group in 1992. Originally the stud herd was established with captured deer from Marshall Tito's famous hunting reserve in Croatia and the Schulte-Wrede herd in Germany - which includes Romanian, Hungarian and Czech bloodlines. Each of these bloodlines have an important role in the stud. Using state-of-the-art breeding technology and cross herd genetic analysis to maximise genetic gain, Peel Forest Estate is developing superior bloodlines with proven performance and heritability, establishing itself as an important source of world-class red deer genetics. As the Group includes a large commercial deer farming operation, Peel Forest Estate Stud is well aware of the production criteria that drives profitablity of either venison, velvet or trophy antler production. At Peel Forest Estate we continually strive to offer the genetics that will meet these demands.

Sire Stags