Gloriavale Deer Park

Contact: Jonathan Christian
Address: Gloriavale Deer Park Private Bag 611 Greymouth 7840
Phone: 03 738 0519


Gloriavale Deer Park is committed to breeding superior reds in New Zealand for velvet and Trophy genetics. Our quality of animals now ranks among the best in the world.


We extend a warm welcome to you all for our 9th Annual Elite Sire Stag Sale - By Public Auction. We have been farming deer since 1982 with emphasis on velvet, bodyweight, temperament, conformation and trophy. We have Warnham, Woburn, Furzeland and Eastern bloodlines. We cull our deer very heavily, no matter what their bloodlines, for velvet, bodyweight, temperament and conformation. This farm is dedicated to breeding fine animals that will become recognized contributors to the future of the deer industry in New Zealand. To meet our policy of bringing the leading edge genetics forward for our clients, we have done extensive AI and ET programmes over the years and we are now happy to be offering top-quality stud animals to the public, bringing you the best genetics available on the market. To further strengthen our quality of animals we have combined with Littledale Deer Park (Mike Dempsey), in offering the best genetics at our Elite Stag Sales. Heavy velvet weights with the trophy connection being paramount in our breeding programmes. DNA All offspring by AI are DNA profiled at Invermay. All capital hinds and sires are also DNA profiled. GUARANTEE All stock are guaranteed for age and fertility, subject to special conditions. HOSPITALITY A BBQ and drinks will be provided at the Sale Venue ( Insignis Park ) before and after the sale starting at 10:00am. Please join us on our important and special day, and catch up for a chat, drink and BBQ. TB STATUS C10 JOHNES FREE All sale animals have been pre-sale Johnes tested free.

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