Wilkins Farming

Contact: Pauline Pattullo
Address: Wilkins Farming Ltd 1018 Waipounamu Road R D 6 Gore 9667
Phone: 0064 3 2016246
Email: livestockgenetics@wilkinsfarming.co.nz
Website: www.wilkinsfarming.co.nz


Breeding for the Future.

Our aim is to produce high growth rate progeny from an efficient maternal weight hind through the use of the latest technology and best genetics available at the time.


Wilkins Farming Ltd successfully run a full commercial mob of breeding hinds and stags for venison and velvet production from superior pure Eastern and European genetics.

They have available for sale annually a range of herd sires as well as a limited number of trophy quality stags.

They also have a number of breeding hinds available as well as high quality semen from some of their best perfoming stags. As well as the recorded stock they have been continuously striving to breed European red deer for trophy/velvet and growth rate for large-scale commercial use.

To continue their ongoing herd improvement they also have recently purchased the Doncaster Stud to continue their genetic and production improvements which fits nicely with the Stanfield and Wilkins Farming bloodlines.

Sire Stags