Foveran Deer Park

Contact: Barry Gard
Address: Foveran Deer Park PO Box 119 Kurow
Phone: (03) 436 0680


Foveran Deer Park is a high performing stud deer farming enterprise producing some of New Zealand’s top red deer genetics, and is a major supplier to New Zealand’s booming trophy hunting industry. Situated in the Hakataramea Valley and spread over three properties, Foveran Deer Park represents the best in location, environment and production. Foveran's motto "Breeding the Difference" is the term that best describes the intentions of the deer stud at Foveran.


By continuing our intensive breeding programme in what we believe is the largest red deer stud in New Zealand, it is our intention to supply the New Zealand deer industry with the very best genetics for venison growth rates, velvet production, and also our fast growing high-end trophy antler stags. Our annual elite sire stag sale is held in January each year and our annual elite hind and weaner sale is usually held between June and August. If you would like to receive a copy of our next sale catalogue in the mail please contact us. For a full list of Foveran Sire Stag Profiles, click here

Sire Stags