Altrive Red Deer

Contact: Geoff Elder
Address: Altrive, 25 Waipounamu Road, RD6, Gore, Southland
Phone: 03 202 5809


Here at Altrive Red Deer we strive to breed bigger and better heads and have purchased the best stags we could find such as Everest and Zama (in partnership with Brock Deer). We use these along with our top home-bred velvet stag sires. As our top pedigrees have 4 generations of hinds breeding 2 year old stags cutting 4kg plus of velvet, you can see that a lot of emphasis is put on the dam line.

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Lynette and I took over the Family Sheep Farm in1979 and started performance recording 200 of our commercial ewes which resulted in us selling rams and starting a registered Romney stud as well. In 1985 we brought our first hinds and so naturally we recorded them too. After five years we were running approximately 200 share farmed hinds, all recorded, as well as our own small herd of around 50 hinds.

During the early years we selected on growth rates and then moved on the velvet as well, keeping 2yr old stags that cut a minimum of 1.3kg. For the last four years our 2yr old keepers have averaged over 4kg.

Sire Stags