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Contact: Anne Bennett
Address: Deer Genetics NZ Ltd 273 McKeown Rd RD 21 Geraldine
Phone: 03 6937221


We are the Worlds leading breeder & supplier of Red Deer Safari Genetics.


Deer Genetics NZ the Worlds leading breeder and supplier of Red Deer Safari Genetics. We specialise in marketing Red Deer semen from our elite herd of the very best Red Deer Sires. The genetic gains made have been phenomenal. The pioneering of artificial insemination and successful collection and processing of Red Deer semen will allow you the thrill of breeding a big one. 3 of the previous No 1 SCI stags were either bred or used by Deer Genetics NZ.

  • With over 30 years experience, our consultancy services and semen from World Record Stags, is sought after in New Zealand and internationally.
  • Involved in the 80s in the selection and importation of deer from UK, Denmark, Sweden, Yugoslavia & Hungary.
  • Have exported deer & semen to a number of countries around the world.
  • Our various Deer related businesses take us all over New Zealand.
  • We know most of the farmers, all of the stud breeders and all of the bloodlines.
  • We know what bloodlines combined produce big trophy heads.
  • We specialise in producing and marketing World Class Sires and Trophy Stags.
  • As an example of the depth of our genetics take a look at Hannibal DG, ( tag 3078 ). This stag is a result of mating the highest priced Red Deer Stag ever sold ( Motsumi DG $142,000 at 2years ) over a daughter of a previous SCI World No 1 - Adonis DG SCI 523.
  • Now we have produced Cicero DG SCI 331 @ 1yr. The genetics gains are accumulative.
  • 2007 Hind Sale we had the highest priced hind average in New Zealand.

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