Canes Deer

Contact: Malcolm Cane
Address: Canes Deer 441 Plateau Rd RD1 Reporoa 3081 New Zealand
Phone: +64 7 333 8075


Thanks for visting Canes Deer. We, Malcolm and Kathy Cane have been farming Deer in Reporoa since 1985, initially for velvet and venison. Soon after, we began producing Canes Deer Velvet capsules, and for the last 15 years our main emphasis has been on producing quality stags for the trophy market.


Hinds: Canes hind base began with the purchase of a small pure Woburn herd, from the late Sam Lawson, along with selective puchases from Windermere, Tower Farms, Bob Atkinson, Gordon Fraser and Dick Makill. Stags: We have always chosen to invest in quality stags, starting with the top Adonis son, White 18 from Gordon Fraser, followed by a Yugo/Warnham stag Y3 from Dick Makill. He was incredibly quiet, and his spread was over 60" wide and main beams of 45". We then added Kane to the genetic mix, to add points and give strength to bottom tynes. Current sire stags include * Wireless, chosen for his length * The super wide, super quiet Broadband * Herbrand son Balunky from the Russell bloodline * and super sire Odysseus These sires have added width, weight and points in our young stock, who continue to impress us each year, with the most noticeable improvements evident in 2010. We are confident that we are on the right track.

Sire Stags