RAROA Red Deer Stud

Contact: Bill Robinson
Address: 149 Fergusson Gully Road RD 2 Cambridge 3494
Phone: 07 827 8653
Email: bill@raroadeer.co.nz
Website: http://www.raroadeer.co.nz


RAROA specialise in trophy and antler genetics using pure English bloodlines and composites including Eastern European We bred Motsumi and Banks.


Raroa’s first deer were purchased in 1987 and the property in July 1988. The hinds were 1st and 2nd cross Warnham plus 10 pure imported Warnham Park hinds. They were sourced mainly from Stanfield and Neville Johnson’s Otuiti Lodge and from the dispersal of Richmond Downs herd. Forty hinds were also bought from Peter Fraser. In the first two years the pure hinds were mated with Brian and then Shogun and the others with Warnham Taipan and then with our foundation sires. The foundation sires were Warnham George, Churchill, and Bruce. To these were added Warnham “106”and English Park “Brackles”, Hungarians were added a couple of years later. Our own bred Balfour a son of Brian, Parnassus a son of Shogun and Hong a son of Churchill were also soon on the sire team. Over the years we bought top Warnham stags Cambridge x Terry, Joseph and Jasper by Jonathon and Horsham x Ramasses. Joseph and Horsham were both out of Rose one of the most influencial Warnham hinds. Esterhazy and full brother Ladro by Heinrich joined the Eastern group and Furzeland bloodlines were introduced through Saxon and Lester by Romulus and Hastings and Howard from Peel Forest. Goldie by Lotto was also bought and his 5.37kg of velvet @ 2 is still a NZ record. Quality hinds are a key component to a studs performance and we are one of the larger studs with 450 hinds calving each year. We introduce approximately 100 yearling hinds each year ( 22% of the breeding herd) which creates very high selection pressure within the herd. Key hinds and families become identified and we had one hind who produced 5 sire sons.

Sire Stags