Black Forest Park

Contact: Trevor Currie
Address: 125 Woodside Rd RD1 Outram 9073 Sales Building – McDonald Rd Outram Clinton Farm -166 Blaikie Rd Clinton
Phone: 03443 8505


Established 1980 Selecting the finest Red Deer Genetics & evaluating their performance, using all latest technologies. To enhance those genetics in the traits of – Trophy, Velvet & fast growth for the benefit of our Industry.


Genetic Profile: TROPHY Black Forest Trophy Stags are known for their impressive stature – being consistently Attractive, Long, wide and heavy. Understandably Hunters are now demanding this type of Trophy. Four of the current young Black Forest Sires are scoring over 500SCI: Salvador 575SCI (ex NZ 2yr Trophy champ), Kutana 566SCI 5yrs, Ringo 510SCI, Cobana 520SCI VELVET The Black Forest style of velvet is clean attractive & heavy. Black Forest has won more NZ Velvet competition prizes in recent years than any other. Notable winners Neskey & Berwick – both multiple winners and also young star – Inglewood NZ 2yr Champion 2007 5.5kg SA2 VENISON Inaugural members of DEERSelect Black Forest has been a prolific breeder of the Industries finest growth rate Sires – in fact on the DEERSelect list December 2006 Black Forest had bred 11 of the top 17 Sires including Kabul Industry Number one – an outstanding achievement.

Sire Stags