Stanfields European Red Deer Stud Ltd

Contact: Clive Jermy
Address: 437 Bangor Road RD1 Darfield 7571 Christchurch
Phone: 03 317 9167


Stanfields European Red Deer Stud, 22 straight years New Zealand's market leader proven by public auction annually. Stanfield is the NZ home and franchise holders of the world famous deer from Warnham Park and Woburn Abbey as well as the deer of Eastern Europe.


Stanfield bloodlines are prominent in many of the red deer studs in New Zealand. The stud has three world record SCI trophies. * As at March 2007 the stud has a world record S.C.I. 6 year old with "Herbrand" on account of Woburn Abbey at 645 S.C.I. * A world record C.I.C trophy at 309.5 points for "Hotspur" and also world record for weight at 23.4kg. * A world record for nigh on 300 years for points at 60 points for Woburn's "Endsleigh" * Many records for liveweight in particular "Maximilian". * Many National velvet records including breeding the first stags to cut 5, 6 & 7 kg at 3 years and records for 4 year velvet, 5 year velvet, and Stanfield has bred the first six sires to cut over 20 & 19 kg of hard antler and the New Zealand record red velvet at just over 13 kg.

Sire Stags