Major Peel





Major Peel possesses huge beam and tops with excellent spread. He is a different bloodline to Chancellor and Jamieson, being a son of Kerry, a Master Sire in our UK Furzeland herd. His massive velvet head of 11.61kg of Super A grade was a NZ record at only 7 years.

His ability to pass on very large beam with long tops has been a huge factor in the development of trophy stags at Peel Forest. No more is this evident than in his record-breaking son Achilles.

Major is a vigorous hard-rutting stag that has the extremely quiet temperament that the Furzeland breed is so well known for. Age 3: Velvet 5.86 kg SA2
Age 5: Live weight 224 kg, Velvet 7.2 kg SA2
Age 6: Velvet 8.4 kg SA2
Age 8: Velvet 11.6 kg SA2