Best all round stag ever produced in NZ. Has all the traits: HA, SCI, liveweight, points and temperament.

Amadeus, truly the most amazing 2 year stag ever produced. His huge wide expansive, heavy beamed head of 34 points and 463 SCI, is unbelievable. And with his huge bodyweight of 218kg at just 2 years. He will go on to score in excess of 600 SCI and with grand dam 120 over myson bloodlines, assures substantial heritability. The Wrede bloodlines are proven with such sires as Wredeson, Wredeson II, Wredeson Major, and now Amadeus. Proven genetics!! Amadeus is now producing some of our best younger stags including Sebastian. Age 2: Live weight 218kg, Velvet 10.43 kg strip, SCI 427
Age 3: Live weight 260 kg, Velvet damaged
Age 4: Live weight 292 kg, HA 13.36 kg, SCI 488 7/8
Age 5: Live weight 308 kg, HA 15.3 kg, SCI 560 5/8
Age 6: Live weight 318 kg, HA 15.5 kg strip, SCI 604 7/8