Van Gogh 939 6





VAN GOGH (purchased from Tower Farms) is in a class by himself for velvet/antler production. Exceptionally heavy-beamed, black, correct velvet with massive tops. Second in 4yr class 2003, first in 5yr Class 2004 and first Open Section 2007 Nat. Vel. Comp.

Van Gogh cut 11.24kg SA2 this year at 8 yrs And was first in the open section Section National Velvet comp.
Age 2: Live weight 178kg
Age 3: Velvet 5.8kg SA2
Age 4: Velvet 7.14kg SA2
Age 5: Live weight 308kg, Velvet 9.1kg SA2
Age 6: Velvet 10.1kg SA2
Age 7: HA 19.1kg
Age 8: Velvet 11.24kg SA2