Hotspur 97/038





World record for weight 23.4kg and CIC score 309.5. Attributes mass and span. Record velvet and trophy combination.

Sold at auction as a 2yr old for $104,000 a record at the time for an English stag. His extraordinary performance includes: Record 4yr velvet at 8.3kg SAII; Record H/A at 5yrs 17.25kg; Record H/A at 6yrs 19.25kg; Record H/A at 8yrs 22.3kg; World Record CIC trophy at 309.5 points at 9yrs; World Record for all time for weight 23.4kg at 9yrs. Sire of two Lot 1 sires plus our remarkable Aragorn. Age 4: Velvet 8.3 kg SA2
Age 5: HA 17.25 kg
Age 6: HA 19.25 kg
Age 8: HA 22.3 kg
Age 9: HA 23.4 kg, CIC 309.5